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Bar Zentral

This Project, as well as all other projects since 2013, has been developed at Hidden Fortress design studio.

In the „old West of Berlin“, precisely opposite of the Savoy Hotel, the Delphi and the Theater des Westens at Kantstrasse, the cocktail culture found yet another home – the Bar Zentral. The bar is located in one of the arches of the S-Bahn-viaduct, which holds the tracks for trains going from Zoo Station to Western Germany. Together with Collignon architects (room planning) and the carpenter Majo Ertel, who was in charge of the high manufacturing quality, we developed a strong room that easily plays with modern and classic components.

With Hidden Fortress
Client: Torsten Bender, Sebastian Mathow
Team: Iveta Čermáková
Architect: Collignon Architektur
Carpenter Interior: Majo Ertel
Stonemason: Wolff Natursteine